About Us

 We believe….

  • All children should be respected as worthy capable and able human beings and should be genuinely nurtured and cared for in a warm and inviting environment.
  • Social and emotional development directly impacts every area of development.
  • Secure secondary attachment to caregivers forms trusting relationships which helps to maximize a child’s experiences while in childcare by providing feelings of safety and security in their environment.
  • An environment rich in creative play and exploration contributes to a child’s cognitive development and teaches and allows children to learn how to problem solve, learn leadership skills, develop confidence, as well as learn empathy, cooperation, negotiation, planning, listening to others, handle frustration, advocate ideas, form relationships and learn self-control.
  • A child’s natural curiosity leads them to learn through the enjoyment they are engaged in thus creating a sense of mastery and motivation which leads to feelings of success.
  • A child’s family is the most important influence in their life thus forming supportive, appreciate relationships between parents/guardians and caregivers/teachers is paramount.
  • The caregivers/teachers are the key to a quality program, therefore our qualified Early Childhood Educators and Infant and Toddler Educators are committed to their roles and responsibilities to provide the best experience for all children and their families.

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